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Homemade with Heart

Sample of Merchandise

The seasons are changing...Think ahead for special occasions!   Special orders for Christmas will be taken only until September 30th for large items, and October 31 for small items.  If in doubt, contact me via e-mail link on the bottom of the page.

These socks are warm!!  Available in solid or dual colors.  Made with worsted weight yarn.  All acrylic blends.

Men's $12.00, Women's $8.50,
Children's $6.00, Infant's or Preemie's $2.50

Woven Potholders
These potholders/trivets are strong and sturdy.  They are woven by hand, and washer machine safe.  Can be used as decoration or oven use.  In stock now!!

Each is a pair
Potholder/Trivets to match any kitchen decor

Toy Bear- Pooh Like

Cuddle me
I'm a snuggly bear...

This sweet bear was made to look like our beloved Pooh.  All parts are made from yarn, and the stuffing is 100% Polyester fiber.



This pattern is so lacy.  Comes in Small , Medium, and Large.  The sleeves are 3/4 length, and it crops at the waist.  Pick any color you like, it ships out 2 weeks from order date. ( I make these to order)  This Periwinkle one is available as well as a Coral.  Periwinkle has shell buttons, and the Coral has silver buttons with pearl accents.  The Periwinkle is Ladies Medium, and Coral is a Ladies Small. 

I made this as a joke for a friend.

Couldn't ya
just pinch him?

Sunflowers and Ribbon Heart Wreath

nice compliment
to a kitchen, hall, or livingroom

This wreath is Ivory crocheted, that has been stiffened.  The ribbon is a country blue and is accented by sunflowers.

Any color(s) available
Holiday and school colors are available
Customize one today

What a beautiful accent to your outfit!  Can be made to match your favorite sports team...or even school colors.  These scrunchies work great to secure your bun, ponytail, or braid.

Baby Mats
Makes a great play area!

This small blanket measures 32 inches square.  It has many uses.  Put it in your babybag and when you come to a changing station...put it down...In the park...put it on the grass...cover your little gems legs in the stroller...many uses.  Any colors available.  Pictured colors in stock now!

Photo Album
any colors for any occasion available

This particular album was given as a gift, full of wedding photos.  I can make these in any color and style.  I can make it simple, or decorate it up with pearls and lace.  Anything can be used to decorate one.  Think of graduations, baby albums, weddings, birthdays....any holiday...

They take the heat!
put your casserole on this stylish hotpad

Made to match your kitchen decor!  Or maybe seasonal decor?  Great for hot pots and oven dishes.  Easily washable.  Set includes one large and two small pads. 

makes a great car bag

This tote is made with pink and jeweltone veregated yarn.  The bag is great if you just want to run into the store but not drag your whole purse.  Take it to the beach with your lotion and sunglasses in it...

Shades of Roses Afghan
Can be made in any color combination!!

Homemade with Heart

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